Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you connect washers and dryers?

We can usually connect and disconnect most washers and dryers, however we are not licensed plumbers and cannot guarantee against leaks.


2. How is the reservation process done?

It’s very easy . Give us a call to check availability and ask any question you may have about your move. Right Rate Movers is rated the #1 Best Moving Company in Houston. We are committed to providing the best customer service possible


3. Do you have any hidden charges?

We do NOT have any kind of hidden charges. Everything you need for your move is included in our rate. We Guarantee there are no hidden charges or surprise fees or your enitre move is free.


4. How do i make my move go faster?

Right Rate Movers is  rated the #1 Best Moving Company in Houston. Our team will do everything to make your move as fast as possible. But if your on a budget and would like to speed up the process you can help us to do it even faster by making sure to box up all loose stuff, have boxes ready in one spot , and keep the pets and kids out of harms way.


5. Do you charge for cigarette or lunch breaks?

Every second of the break is going to be deducted from the total time. You only pay for the time we work.


6. Do i have to give workers a tip?

A Tip is always appreciated for hard work but is not a requirement.


7. Is my trip fee refundable?

Your trip fee is fully refundable as long as you cancel your move within 48 hours of your move day. You also have the option to reschedule at no additional cost as long as its at least 4 hours before your scheduled arrival time.


8. Can I make multiple pick ups or drop off locations?

Yes you can make as many pick ups or drop offs as you need to at no additional cost to you as long as its locally here in Houston or within a 20 mile radius.


9. What happens if one of my items accidentally gets scratched or damaged during the move?

All our movers are trained for 6 weeks before they are even allowed to become a mover. To ensure the most professional service to you and your belongings. We have a very rare claim rate. If a instance does a occur no worries we have you covered. We will send you a claims packet by email or u.s. postal mail your choice. You will fill out the claims packet you received and send that back to us and we forward that to our claims department and then they’ll follow up with you on your claim.